Vlad Lapochkin – EA, NTPIF

Vlad Lapochkin founded his Las Vegas local tax practice in 2010 after retiring from H&R Block as Senior Tax Advisor. He received Enrolled Agent designation from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 2012 and later joined the ranks of the prestigious NAEA National Tax Practice Institute™ Fellows. NTPI Fellows are the crème de la crème of representation experts, and are highly qualified to represent their clients at all levels and branches of Internal Revenue Service. As a tax professional, Vlad has helped hundreds of individuals, families and small businesses navigate the complex US Tax Code. His years of experience and on-going tax education enable him to solve the most complex tax issues and disputes. As an Enrolled Agent, Vlad has represented taxpayers not only in Nevada, but throughout the US and some foreign countries as well. He was interviewed and quoted by Time Magazine, New York Times, Reuters and many others. Vlad lives by the mantra ‘make it happen.’ He is currently teaching “Ask Tax Advisor” monthly workshops at the Nevada Department of Taxation to local business owners on behalf of IRS. Vlad holds Bachelors of Arts degree from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts and at the present time serves as Vice President of Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents.

“One of my basic purposes is helping people and seeing them to expand and do financially well in life. I’m still amazed how hard people work to earn money and how easy they give it up in taxes to the government. Make sure you work with someone who not only has good knowledge of the tax code and filing requirements, but who will work with you proactively throughout the year routinely bringing you new ideas to save money. The objective of every tax return that I prepare and every income tax planning engagement is to ensure you pay the lowest possible tax allowed by the tax rules this year and in future years, so your assets can grow.”

Vlad is one of the most well versed and dedicated business and tax consultants I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His professionalism is unsurpassed and his commitment to continual growth for his clients is an attribute that sets him apart.” – September 2013.
Tom Telesco, Certified Business Coach for The John Maxwell Team.




Lana Balasky – CPA

Lana Balasky joined Lapochkin Tax & Co. in January 2018 as Senior Accountant.

Lana grew up in St. Petersburg Russia where she attained a degree in engineering and economics. She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998, where she earned a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Public Manager.

Lana Balasky is also a Special Agent with the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Audit Division, the organization overseeing compliance with Nevada’s gaming industry. She joined the Audit Division in 2004 and her experience includes revenue and compliance audits of Nevada casinos, and entertainment tax audits. Lana is also responsible for internal control matters related to the information technology and systems utilized by the non-restricted gaming licenses and Nevada’s Group 1 Licensees. Outside of professional area, Lana loves classical music & jazz and often attends performances at the Smiths Center.




Oksana Morozova

Oksana joined Lapochkin Tax & Co. in January 2018 as Office Manager. Her duties include maintaining office services by organizing office operations and procedures; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems; reviewing and approving supply requisitions and administrative support for team members.

Oksana grew up in Moscow, Russia where she graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) with bachelor’s degree in International Management. Oksana is avid learner and fluent in Russian, English and German.







The Burnett & Associates Team – Business Compliance

Scott Burnett, Esq. – Scott spent much of his early career as a trial attorney who collected millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. Many of his cases involved peeling back the protection of a business owner’s Corporation or LLC, and attacking the personal assets of the owners. He now champions the cause to protect business owners from frivolous litigation, and over regulation. Scott is considered to be one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on asset protection and business education for Corporations and LLC’s. He is the author of “How to Protect Your Assets”, and the creator of the Lawsuit, Audit Protection Service that provides compliance protection for Corporations and LLC’s. His ability to explain complicated material in an entertaining manner has made him a highly sought-after trainer and speaker throughout the country.