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Revised Newsletter Schedule

In order to deliver information to you in the most timely manner possible, we will be sending the quarterly tax newsletter on the following revised schedule:

Previous Send Date
Revised Send Date

January 1st
March 1st

April 1st
June 1st

July 1st
September …

Upcoming Tax Deadlines

December 2014
Tu 15 Corporations: Deposit the fourth installment of your 2015 estimated tax.
January 2015
Th 15 Individuals: Pay the final installment of your 2014 estimated tax. Use Form 1040-ES.

Th 15 Farmers and fishermen: Pay your estimated …


“Vlad is one of the most well versed and dedicated business and tax consultants I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His professionalism is unsurpassed and his commitment to continual growth for his clients is an attribute that sets him apart.” – September 2013.
Tom Telesco, Certified Business Coach for The John Maxwell Team.

“Great service, highly recommended! Thank you Vlad!” – April 2013.
Danilo Oribe, I.B.A. World Champion Flair Bartender.

“Nevada tax Company has been very efficient, punctual and quick to respond to our tax needs. This company came highly recommended to us, and we definitely see why. At service one-on-one care and attention to detail.” – April 2012.
Suzi and Terrance Lighten. Owners of Lighten Films and Vitamin C Photography.

“Mr.Lapochkin is both knowledgeable and friendly. He brings simplicity to our business taxes in a way we would never be able to find the time to do ourselves. We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.” – April 2012
Nathaniel and Kristina Montague, owners of Las Vegas Sailboat Repair.

“Professional service oriented to all details to meet customer needs” – March 2011
Mindaugas Mateika. Investment Management.